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CACI Facials


The astounding CACI facials, with a loyal celebrity following, will lift and tone your facial muscles in as little as one treatment.

CACI facials are the beauty industry’s most reliable facial muscle toning treatment. It lifts, tones muscles, softens fine lines, especially around your eyes and helps to restore collagen to your skin.  It is the only machine that when muscles have been toned, there is no immediate laxity after the treatment.

The treatment is pain-free and could be done in as little as 35 minutes, 60, or 75 minutes.  

A course of  10-15 treatments is recommended.  When the desired result has been achieved, it is recommended that a monthly maintenance treatment is done to sustain your muscle tone.

Book any course of 10 CACI treatments and get the 10th facial free.

If you would like to have a chat about any of the treatments please contact me.


CACI Eye Revive

The new CACI eye revive treatment has been launched so that particular attention could be paid to the eye area. If you have dark circles, crows feet, sagging brows, this treatment would be ideal. A course of ten 30-minute treatments would be ideal.

The Eye Revive treatment could be a standalone 40-minute treatment, or it could be incorporated in a jowl lift or full CACI facial. Please contact me for details.

CACI Eye Revive – 40 minute stand alone£40.00
CACI Eye Revive - Add on to CACI Facial£20.00


35 minute Quick Fix Jowl Lift

If you cannot commit to a full facial, or you are only concerned about sagging muscles around your jawline, this treatment will work the muscles around that area to redefine your facial contours.

CACI 35 minute Jowl Lift£38.50
Course of 10 treatments (1 FREE)£346.50


60 minute Non-Surgical Face Lift

Your face and neck will get a full work out. Muscles will be toned around and above the eyes, jawline, and neck area. Lines on the forehead, around the eyes, laughter lines and any other areas of concern will be plumped out to give you that fresh face and glowing skin.

CACI 60 minute Non-Surgical Facial£65.00
Course of 10 treatments (1 FREE)£585.00


Ultimate 75 minute Non-Surgical Facial & Cooling Mask

Similar to the 60 minute facial with more attention being focused on any specific areas, followed by a lovely and cooling rosewater mask will end the treatment so that your skin feels even softer and looks fresher after each treatment.

CACI 75 minute Non-Surgical Facial£80.00

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