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Ladies Facial Waxing

Upper Lip £10.50
Lip & Chin£18.50
Sides of face£16.50
Cheek bones£13.50

Ladies Arm & Leg Waxing

Half Arms Upper or Lower £16.50
Full Arms (including hands and fingers)£23.50
Full Leg (including feet)£33.50
3/4 Leg (including feet)£26.50
Half Leg Upper or Lower£22.50
Half Leg lower & back of thighs£26.50
Hands & Fingers£10.50

Ladies Intimate Waxing

Basic Bikini (to Crease of Legs)
All hair outside the underwear line removed
High Leg Bikini (High Sides & Top Off)
Two side panels going in narrow & the top of pubic line & underneath
Small landing strip left on pubic mound, inner/outer labia, butt crack
Everything off! Pubic mound inner/outer labia, Butt crack
G-String Bikini
Not quite a Brazilian. High sides, top, butt crack. Leaves hair over labia but takes it in narrow
Buttock Cheeks Only£19.50
Buttocks & Crack Only£33.50
Crack Only£19.50
Midsection of female therapist waxing customer's leg at beauty spa

Ladies Torso Waxing

Back & Shoulders (to sleeve)£29.50
Small of Back£14.50
Nape of Neck£14.50
Navel Line£14.50

Ladies Money Saving Combos

Eyebrows, Lip & Chin£29.50
Brazilian & Half Leg (Lower or Upper)£56.50
Brazilian & Full Leg£66.50
Hollywood & Half Leg (Lower or Upper)£59.50
Hollywood & Full Leg£69.50